Welcome 2017-2018 Barred Owls!

It has been a fun and busy first few days! Students have been doing activities to learn about one another, get to know the classroom, understand the expectations of the school, and learn my expectations of them. I am so glad to be the teacher of such a fun-loving and hardworking group of students. I am looking forward to a great year together!

CT Science Center

Fourth grade students went on a field trip to the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Students had the opportunity for a full day of hands-on science. They had access to over 165 interactive exhibits in ten galleries. There was a special traveling exhibit that could be visited and live science demonstrations that can be attended.

Invention Fair 2017

Fourth Graders have been learning about inventors and inventions. Today was the annual invention fair. Students created some pretty awesome inventions!

Cooperative Communication

Students learn cooperative communication skills through team-building activities. Today, students were challenged to all fit into a shrinking circle on the floor. Students shared ideas, listened to one another, and worked together to all fit into each increasingly smaller circle.



On Friday, Nevin came and shared his PEBL bike with LES. Fourth graders got to not only look at the PEBL bike, but also sit inside of it. Nevin then presented about the inventing process and the social responsibilities inventors have.

You can learn more about the PEBL bike by visiting the website http://www.better.bike.

Homework This Week

There will be no homework assignments on MCAS nights that need to be handed in. Please help your student to get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast, and come to school on time. You may want to consider packing an extra snack. Students will have opportunities to eat snack before and after testing. Students should also begin to think about their inventions. Directions are below.

Monday, April 3, 201

  • Get a good night sleep.
  • Eat a good breakfast tomorrow morning.
  • Come to school on time.
  • You may want to bring a second snack for tomorrow.
  • Invention Homework: Talk to your family and friends to brainstorm ideas for new inventions. You could ask them the following questions: 1. What problems need to be solved with new technology? 2. What would make life easier or more fun? Dream up as many solutions as you can and list them. After each idea, write a sentence about how the invention would make life easier or more fun. We will share ideas later this week.

MCAS is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week.


Hello everyone,

Some pictures from the last read-a-thon were just shared with me. I was not able to be in school that day. We are so lucky that these pictures were sent our way!

Leprechaun Traps

Following a Circle of Respect, students worked on communication skills while assembling leprechaun traps in small groups. Given a limited number of supplies, students were tasked with cooperatively building a trap and writing a note to a leprechaun.